Subprojects Overview

An Overview of Our Subprojects

Subproject 1

Mobility and Institutions of Intermediary Rule in Southern Africa

Principal Investigator: Prof Dr Katharina Inhetveen & PD Dr Mario Krämer
Researcher: Laura Pargen, M.A.

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Subproject 2

Precarious Presence: Mobilisation and Immobilisation in the Interactions between Local Immigration Authorities and Persons with Exceptional Leave to Remain

Principal Investigator: Prof Dr Christian Lahusen
Researchers: Stephanie Schneider, M.A. & Dr Annett Bochmann

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Subproject 3

Migration, Intersectionality and Institutional Interaction: African migrants’ experiences in the United Arab Emirates

Principal Investigator: Prof Dr Michaela Pelican
Researcher: Saleh Seid Adem, M.A.

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Subproject 4

Asylum regimes and transnational refugee families in Germany and France: family reunification in official practice and everyday experience

Principal Investigator: Prof Dr Karin Schittenhelm
Researchers: Manuela Barriga Morachimo, M.A. & Dr Emmanuel Ndahayo

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Subproject 5

International Organisations: Norm Setting and Norm Implementation for the Protection of Forced Migrants

Principal Investigator: Dr Nele Kortendiek
Researcher: Melina Tretmans, M.Sc.

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